Divorce With Confidence

How to be in Control of Your California Divorce

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We apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you find the information in the book helpful.

“Divorce with Confidence – How to be in control of your California Divorce” has been written as a FREE public service. It should be used as a guide to anyone going through one of life’s most difficult challenges – separation from your spouse.

The book will detail the legal tools available and explain how each may be used to achieve the specific objective your situation may call for. It is designed and written to do several things:

  • Provide a detailed roadmap of a divorce in California
  • Explain the kinds of help available to you and how to select the right one
  • Explain the specific procedural tools available in a divorce and how each may be helpful, if used properly
  • Provide advice on how to negotiate a settlement
  • Help you select and hire an attorney
  • Actively, knowingly and intelligently participate in your divorce in partnership with your attorney
  • Actively, knowingly and intelligently supervise your attorney
  • Keep your divorce under control
  • Get the best possible outcome of your divorce
  • Move forward with your post-divorce life never looking back wondering if every possible option was taken by you and your lawyer

Although this book is written with a lot of detail, it is NOT written as a do-it-yourself guide – it is NOT as a substitute for an experienced family law attorney. However, the information in this book should be used as a reference and should provide you with what you need in order to make intelligent choices as you go through an overwhelming process. As a result, you will have a much better chance for getting through this phase of your life in one piece.